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breaking a long sleep in many regards: even as the… - STRPSE K9D [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 25th, 2009|09:24 pm]


breaking a long sleep in many regards: even as the ground be icing i will thaw!

mp3death follows the suit: a new ep out by JELLICA (the earless cat) called WALKING ABOUT AT NIGHT has just been released! download the 25meg zip of 192kbps mp3s or stream & gander at the archive.org page. electro // gameboy // techno // micromusic // chip // wobbles // chiptune // JUST PLAIN GOOD.

working back from there, on the way into PHX to visit my folks over funkmas i had a chance to tear it up a bit in the lgpt piggy tracker. i keep working on a track till i can listen through it and not want to tweak anything so that's where CD_BUK (soundcloud) is at. but nothing's ever final in handheld tracker land so stack up the comments good and bad!

on the tracker tip i was just in nyc for blipfestival09! it was a great time playing a gig at public assembly for the post-blip showcase hosted by 8bk-ok and i also got to dj an official blip festival happy hour saturday afternoon before things really kicked off for the night. obligations//honorary appearances aside i had a total blast seeing old friends and making new ones.

and before that i was on the DATABEEZ tour, spreading a fine pollen of chip love up and down the west coast with a dip into the south. each stop was wonderful for different reasons. in la it was awesome to hang with the giant robot bosses and it was interesting to have a bigger crowd for the gameboy music lecture i gave than for the gameboy music show i played.

at the sf DATABEEZ date it was a real treat to play on dna lounge's well-tuned sound system and have jyk fly in from nyc explicitly for my visuals. seattle was more vj excitement, with my demoscene buddies guybrush and blackpawn doing realtime stuff live instead of at demo parties for the first time ever ... something i have been hoping and wishing for since i did that interview with PAiN way back in jan of 07. and austin had the best energy of any stop, tim at the highball knows how to set a space up and the residents of that city know how to party! ~whew~

lately i've been saying "gameboy music" kind of how people say "xerox machine." it gets less blank stares than "handheld tracker music" even tho while i was in nyc i lost all my gb material to cart crashes so i was down to a psp and iphone for playback.

luckily my dingoo a320 just arrived from dx. piggy tracker is running smooth on that linux handheld so i'll be back to rocking nothing but trackers again pretty soon. live tracking is still what i like best, it allows me to tweak patterns right down the minute i'm playing it out loud. but i'm never 100% happy with my live rig, lugging around an alesis mixer and pioneer fx unit for the little handhelds to play through is feeling more and more silly as fun as they are. and pretty much all the time i'm having the thought of fking all that and getting busy on a solid abletop like all the cool kids. 2010 will tell and maybe i'll be updating more frequently as sh9tz g0 d0wN!~

and if you need touchings more frequent than that i've been hitting @cogthrob with banter and @starpause with haiku =)


[User Picture]From: vampirehamster
2010-08-04 06:31 pm (UTC)
You dont update this anymore do you?
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