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breaking a long sleep in many regards: even as the ground be icing i will thaw!

mp3death follows the suit: a new ep out by JELLICA (the earless cat) called WALKING ABOUT AT NIGHT has just been released! download the 25meg zip of 192kbps mp3s or stream & gander at the archive.org page. electro // gameboy // techno // micromusic // chip // wobbles // chiptune // JUST PLAIN GOOD.

working back from there, on the way into PHX to visit my folks over funkmas i had a chance to tear it up a bit in the lgpt piggy tracker. i keep working on a track till i can listen through it and not want to tweak anything so that's where CD_BUK (soundcloud) is at. but nothing's ever final in handheld tracker land so stack up the comments good and bad!

on the tracker tip i was just in nyc for blipfestival09! it was a great time playing a gig at public assembly for the post-blip showcase hosted by 8bk-ok and i also got to dj an official blip festival happy hour saturday afternoon before things really kicked off for the night. obligations//honorary appearances aside i had a total blast seeing old friends and making new ones.

and before that i was on the DATABEEZ tour, spreading a fine pollen of chip love up and down the west coast with a dip into the south. each stop was wonderful for different reasons. in la it was awesome to hang with the giant robot bosses and it was interesting to have a bigger crowd for the gameboy music lecture i gave than for the gameboy music show i played.

at the sf DATABEEZ date it was a real treat to play on dna lounge's well-tuned sound system and have jyk fly in from nyc explicitly for my visuals. seattle was more vj excitement, with my demoscene buddies guybrush and blackpawn doing realtime stuff live instead of at demo parties for the first time ever ... something i have been hoping and wishing for since i did that interview with PAiN way back in jan of 07. and austin had the best energy of any stop, tim at the highball knows how to set a space up and the residents of that city know how to party! ~whew~

lately i've been saying "gameboy music" kind of how people say "xerox machine." it gets less blank stares than "handheld tracker music" even tho while i was in nyc i lost all my gb material to cart crashes so i was down to a psp and iphone for playback.

luckily my dingoo a320 just arrived from dx. piggy tracker is running smooth on that linux handheld so i'll be back to rocking nothing but trackers again pretty soon. live tracking is still what i like best, it allows me to tweak patterns right down the minute i'm playing it out loud. but i'm never 100% happy with my live rig, lugging around an alesis mixer and pioneer fx unit for the little handhelds to play through is feeling more and more silly as fun as they are. and pretty much all the time i'm having the thought of fking all that and getting busy on a solid abletop like all the cool kids. 2010 will tell and maybe i'll be updating more frequently as sh9tz g0 d0wN!~

and if you need touchings more frequent than that i've been hitting @cogthrob with banter and @starpause with haiku =)


IMG_5112.jpg • Starpause & noteNdo

on march 8th, 2008 i played CONFUSE party which was part of the SPERM festival in PRAGUE of the CZECH REPUBLIC. the party was held at PROSTOR ABATON which is a four floor warehouse-gone-partyspace.

i shared the BLIP stage with a bunch of other chip junkies. it was on ground level close to the entrance and sound was provided by VICEAUDIO who did a great job--the bass was huge and tight in the room, the monitors were well placed and matched to the main system, and the crew was super easy to communicate with from the stage. even beyond that, they had no problem with me recording directly off their board so i have clean recordings of every BLIP stage artist from the night, which are being podcast as a series on the twentygoto10 blog.

the other stages were equally well run, right above BLIP was a lounge with couches, projections, merch tables, the bar, and hari krishnas serving up some of the best vegitarian food i ate in prague! the top floor housed the SHOW stage featuring names like MODESELEKTOR, DEADBEAT, and JOAKIM. the WASTED stage took up the venue's basement with JASON FORREST, PURE, SOCIETY SUCKERS, and a few others.

the BLIP floor was packed NONSTOP except for the brief breaks between performers. there was a good mix of people in the space: some stood still while they satisfied their curiosity, some were super eager and had traveled from as far as hungry to meet the 8BITPEOPLES crew, and some were just there to dance their asses off for anyone that took the stage.

my own set went really well with the usual live-mode jockeying between PIGGY TRACKER (on a gp2x f200) and LSDJ (on a gba-sp). i was on top of the queues and mutes, brushing over the janks with quick switches to catchy chains. my off kilter kay-nine-dee beats had people dancing like mutants and humping the speakers, too good!

noteNdo provided circuit bent visuals during my set and he did a nice job mixing in the LGPT logo that noCarrier managed to load up into his NES. the display was a wall of TVs stacked on top of each other behind me, controlled by some incredible home-brewed software with an ANSI interface running on a 286. TVs were falling in and out of the array, adding to noteNdo's bent vibe.

my shirt was off by the end of my first track which properly confused about half the audience and had the other half screaming and jumping. closer to the end of my set i got a lock going on and danced through the crowed, it was cool to take a break and be face to face with the people moving to my music.

about fifty minutes into my set MIKE TANK let me know that i should wrap it up, i was on my fourth sav and wondering what i would play next so the timing felt right. i worked through the last bit of the sav and shouted my thanks to people without using a microphone ... staying raw rather than audible.

the pictures of my set that have been tagged on flickr say more than my words can. big thanks to the SPERM organizers and THE TANK for making it feasible for all the BLIP performers to be in prague. and also thanks and respect to everyone i shared the stage with: herbert weixelbaum, bud melvin, bubblyfish, bit shifter, stu, nullsleep, and 1a2v1.

i'm also am making my set available before it's turn in the podcast series:


so eat it up and fly me out to your next big party!! =)

<3j.ordan aka STARPAUSE teh K9D



today i saw windows xp running on an eee. the guy had used xplite to strip windows down to about a gig, which lived fine on the 4gig flash drive. he said he only got about 3 hours battery life out of the thing. at least the phone charger is also small.

i think people are going to be using windows xp for a long time. there might eventually be as many win xp hold outs as their are amiga and atari st hold outs. "it does what i want," they say.

my xp laptop is on it's last legs, it doesn't boot up very easily if i let it turn off. i'm hot for a mac subnote but if one of those doesn't appear in january i'll wind up with linux on an eee or lenovo x61

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making headway on jens' x0xb0x, vco is wrapped up. vcf is next. the analog scope chibitech hooked up rules quite a bit, it's way easier to get it triggering on a signal than my digital one.

i'm back on two wheels again. it feels great. if it isn't raining tomorrow cori and i are going to ride bikes together.

the lack of shortcut keys in mixmeister has been annoying lately so i installed ableton 6 to try djing with it. i like the daw-ish interface for mixing that mixmeister has, looking to do similar with ableton. cockroaches keeeep on craaawwlinn!

top four outta fourty


last week i was on bunnywhisker's show on pir8cat radio 87.9 FM. it was two good hours of being back in the broadcasting saddle and i'm pondering getting a show again ... podcast vs broadcast. anyway, here's the playlist and mp3 from last thursday ... basically i played a bunch of piggy tracker works off of the hexawe.net label

and on saturday i participated in SF's second laptopbattle which was the biggest laptop battle yet with 42 contenders ... limi took on the role of being my coach and noted that the judges were giving high points to ruff cutz and noise so i went with LSDJ the first two rounds which got me into the top four (semi-finals). in that round i was eliminated, i think it was from switching to piggy, not performing my track as well (one really bad/sloppy MUTE), and not bringing the energy i did in the first rounds. but i got to hear my lesbianorama track loud and the crowd dug it, i was the only person the crowed booed when the judges did their voting!

all good times but i wish i got more contact infos from people like SIR YUMMY and SNARE FACE. there should be battle videos/pictures around eventually but i don't see any forum for the battles or flickring yet.

for a short amount of time you can nab a xo machine ... one of the OneLaptopPerChild things ... but it doesn't come with solar/crank/yoyo. still, amazing engineering of a durable computer with a display that's visible in daylight or dark. so tempting, but i've got fifteen days to decide if i want one or not.

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i am officially post-human, metal plated and in one piece again. hopefully tomorrow i get the immobilizing sling off and can type again. this is hard!

over the weekend i started reading through the wizoo guide for the nord micro modular and achieved my first goal with the thing ... do a little jam track using just the three knobs on the front of the little red box. you can hear sharingSherifs_by_k9d.mp3 and download the pch if you have a micro. if i do another one of these i think i'll try and sqeeze them in 1.4meg for floppyswop.

another thing this weekend was being on hydrocodone for days straight. the pain has subsided to a dull throbbing so i quit taking the stuff during the day and will just eat it to sleep. i had days off of work to deal with the surgery but i'm looking forward to getting back at it.

the netlabels are doing well, nitro2k01 helped get the shoutbox working on mp3death so i'm ready to put out an ep by x\k which is going to rule everyone hard, might redesign the site a bit after that. hexawe got updated with two new tracks over the weekend, a pop thing by jonbro and some clean idm from salkin.

i've been wondering how cool netlabels are. i love them but it seems like a blog format makes tracks more accessible to people outside of the netaudio scene. i have a tab on my netvibes account watching all of the netaudio portals as well as the mp3 blogs i dig, mostly electro shit these days but seth just linked to one that looks good for metal. if i was going to wordpress-ify hexawe or mp3death it won't be for a while--got to redo the northern dragons site first! and i think adding radio to hexawe is the next step in making that material more accessible.

it's too bad there's no flash mp3 player that does automatic gain control! since there are lots of different bosses updating hexawe, the tracks aren't all mastered at the same volume which makes listening to the entire catalog a bit of a volume-dial workout. on my work machine i have foobar2k set up with the awesome soundsolution dsp plugin with a tight preset by lonnylord. the software was was writen for radio broadcasting and saves me from touching the volume or even worrying about replay-gaining my listening selections. maybe i can write a simple itunes-like volume adjustment system into whatever flash interface i use for the hexawe radio.

it's getting close to the fall, my favorite season back in mpls, we'll see how it treats me in sf. romance is never easy and always intriguing ...

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rickshaw stop is cursed, every time i head down there i wind up with a flat. was a slow leak this time so i pumped it up and made it home but i still got to fix that before getting out to enjoy labor day.

before rickshaw i was hanging out w/ nik & jillian ... jillian's mom is in town and made lasagna, then nik schooled me in some micromod editing. i wanted to be able to do the opposite of morph groups--make a parameter only pay attention to where the knob was at the highest and lowest end. seeing that in action got me excited about building stuff on the lil red monster again, and that's good because i need to build something like a mastering mixer for my upcoming live pa.

jordan d. was in town sat night and frisco disco delivered good times once again. i like the transfer better than rickshaw stop (smaller space with a better vibe).

HEXAWE.NET is updated with two new tracks this week and the hex numbering system is in full effect. whiteCupcake (4meg mp3) is a wrecked electro dance blast and bigshow (3meg) is a crafty osc exercise with pop sensibility. m-.-n and bankiephones are both working on remixes of whiteCupcake, it's that rockin!

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i heard william gibson read out of his new book on day three of his tour and talked with him a bit about courier characters. got his sig on my gp2x case and shot video of him reading and answering questions. if they turned out they'll make their way up to vimeo. above is gibson with x\k ♥

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Starpause is a terrific tracker/game musician, powered by a Game Park (Linux-OS) mobile game system running LittleGPTracker, also known as “Piggy Tracker.” He really got the crowd going — in contrast to the usually introverted electronic musician or gaming player, he dropped his normally-quiet facade and danced around with his player, finishing his set on the floor. He said he was disappointed no one danced, but after Maker Faire some of us could barely stand — it was still a hit. Check out his official site for details on his net radio label(s) and plenty of downloadable MP3s. - createdigitalmusic

gapeArson_-_starr_catcherr-(20k212)-2007. original handheld tracking with lsdj for game boy and lgpt for gp2x. harsh idm and ibm (intelligent bit music) from san francisco. gapeArson is chip tune avant-garde wunderkind k9d, check out his own lowbit netlabel mp3death. - 20kbps

i've been beyond slack on updating mp3death but there is a lot of hot material in the queue. cockroaches has been getting any of my free cycles which is fine and dandy. the files there are now sorted with the latest on top thanks to the htaccess docs.

i got a battery hooked up to my surround fisher ghetto blaster and it is loud. to celebrate i put together an AGEEMA mix cdr using i ching play and a little bit of my brain. it's also got two k9d tracks thrown in for good measure and a few uprough jump ups. this shit is mailed direct to you with a touch of love, email me your snail mail for a care package ♥

k9d on theletterg


the letter g episode 39 special guest dj k9d ... word! friends: i love you. lovers: my friends! sf synergy is ripplin, hopefully some contracting gig(s) next week. learning, relearning: what you have works 2.0 style.

the place i'm getting contracting work through, that wanted the portfolio in the first place, smacked it down. i suppose that's what i get for referencing artist/design portfolios rather than a more sterile batch. got to 2.0 that shit.

i think that get married is the only thing that's not 2.0, going on three, get e